What are the things make Andaman a Perfect Family Vacation?

What do you expect when you plan for an Andaman Trip: Turquoise blue water, pristine white sands, palm-fringed coastlines, and stunning marine-life? Relaxing at the beaches, exploring the coral reefs and marine life, enjoying fruity cocktails is that all you can enjoy during your Andaman Family Vacation. A trip to Andaman is definitely bound to be an unforgettable holiday.
Here is what you can explore and enjoy during your Andaman family trip:

Taking soothing sunshine at the beaches
When you arrive in Andaman, the first thing is to do is spending hours on the beach doing nothing but relaxing and unwinding. The noticeable thing is that you don’t see much crowd on the beaches of Andaman as you see on the Indian beaches.

Radhanagar Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. The time's magazine awarded it as the most beautiful beach in 2004. You can enjoy the spectacular views, walking along the coastline with your partner or you can simply relax and praise the beauty of this beach.

Water fun with Scuba Diving and Snorkelling
When you are done praising the beach beauty of Andaman, you can pursue scuba diving, one of the most desirable activity to witness amazing marine life. As you dive into the sea, you notice the world of water is full of stunning corals and a large variety of marine lives.

If you feel uncomfortable of taking scuba dive, snorkelling is also an option to explore the underwater world. Put on a small snorkelling gear on your face and just dive into the water with no fear but full of excitements.

Explore the rural life
You know, whole Andaman is not about beaches and exploring underwater beauty. There are numerous other things you can enjoy during your Andaman tour. You can head towards Northern Andaman, full of indigenous tribes like the Jarawa.

One more thing you can enjoy to take a drive to the caves in Diglipur on the Andaman Trunk Road through lush forests. You can also visit Cuthbert Bay, home to the leatherback turtles. Later, you can also rush to the Lalaji Bay Beach, famous for housing gorgeous dolphins.

Tasting the seafood
It doesn’t matter you are a hardcore foodie, seafood in Andaman is a must try thing for sure. The tempting seafood and its smell may change your mind. Take a look at the prepared seafood at stalls or restaurant and this will definitely change your mind to order one of them.

Decide a night to spend with your family to enjoy quality seafood and perhaps a bottle of red wine. Here, numerous smalls cafes are dotting around and they are popular for offering freshly caught fish to Israeli and continental food. Port Blair is incredibly famous for offering quality seafood. The Red Snapper and New Lighthouse Restaurant are worth visiting.

Whether you are a family of two or you are the joint family consisting of 8-10 family members, Andaman is the perfect choice for your next family vacation. Book Andaman Family Tour Package and enjoy lavishing moments during your vocational stay.

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