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It's time to start planning how you're going to start the new year. If you have not yet set your plans for New Year's Eve, here's an idea! A small trip is a great way to enjoy the holiday feeling. A nice hotel, a new destination, a cheap flight ... A new place for a new start! Here are some ideas to inspire you with New Year festivities and their unfolding so you can get there in style. These are all fun places in India, so it is not difficult or expensive to get there. Relax on moonlit beaches, party all night with your favorite people ... here are some great destinations to spend New Year's Eve 2016 in India.

Let's start with party destinations, where the agenda is the no-frills.

1. New Year in Goa
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We are quite sure that Goa has already been mentioned in your New Year's conversation, but we thought to give you some more details about Goan's New Year's pleasure to help you decide :)

If you want to get lost in a sea of ​​enthusiastic revelers, then Goa is the place for you. Join the crowd by dancing in the streets and immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere of the occasion. The beach bars exceed expectations, so you can live your New Year's Eve in a way that reflects the movies!

What to expect? Dancing, drinking and styling on beautiful beaches.
What to wear? the clothes in which you are most comfortable without having the impression of spending a day of idleness, because you will have to dress to impress you. Or maybe crack for your new swimsuit if you spend the day and night at the beach.
What else? Well, there is always plenty to do on the beach - day and night - with exotic cocktails in hand. But you are not alone. People from around the world have no doubt Goa on their New Year's charts, so book your hotel as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Celebrate Your new Year Holiday with Goa Holiday Package 2 Nights 3 Days

2. New Year in Delhi
New Year in Delhi
The sprawling metropolis of Delhi, presents us with a New Year's party environment different from that of Goa. With its exclusive bars, high-class hotels and exciting restaurants on every corner, a New Year's Eve in Delhi is sure to brighten up the glitz and glamor.

If the budget does not bother you, we highly recommend Kitty Su or Shiro (at the Samat Hotel), where you can dance the night away to the sound of the latest album and EDM music.

What to expect? Good food, even better music and occasional celebrity. New Year's Eve in Delhi is going to be a pretty expensive night, so get ready for that!

What to wear? If there has ever been an occasion to come out looking like a glittering fairy light, New Year's in Delhi is the right time. Do not be afraid to take out your brightest clothes for the occasion.

What else? If you're not in the mood for a break at home, Delhi is full of amazing eating places where you can spend the night eating some of the most exquisite Indian food.

3. New Year in Mumbai
New Year in Mumbai

Fireworks! Yes, Mumbai offers a lot of fireworks to welcome the New Year with open arms. If you just look up at midnight (assuming you're outside), you'll probably see these fiery lights illuminate the Mumbai skyline. The Pali Beach Resort has long been a popular New Year destination, and for a good reason: the sparkling Arabian Sea in the dazzling moonlit sky is a very romantic and beautiful night of celebration (they also have a big fireworks ... seriously, we love the fireworks!).

What to expect? Food, food, music and more food. The New Year in Mumbai is not only famous for its fireworks, but also for its extraordinary dishes in each restaurant. Ask everyone who has spent the New Year there, we are convinced that food will be a key part of your conversation - so, food lovers, go here!

What to wear? Not surprisingly, we will advise you to look your best; these evenings of cocktails and clubs are the ideal excuse to dress like a movie star, not to say one.

What else? If you find yourself single on the eve of the New Year, do not let this romantic setting discourage you, consider it a great place to meet an extraordinary person!

4. New Year Diving on Andaman and Nicobar Islands
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We will help you get out of the party mood by suggesting the Andaman Islands, where serenity is a must, but if you change your mind and get the urge to party, there will not be any. one too far away. The capital, Port Blair, is likely to be the favorite place for thrill-seekers, but if you're serious about relaxing and rejuvenating yourself, you will not be disappointed.

What to expect? A tropical paradise where tranquility reigns and bright blue waters that seem to drink (but do not do that!).

What to wear? Well, first of all, do not forget your swimsuit. In addition to that, make comfortable clothes and do your best to rest and relax. Leave behind difficult clothes!
What else? We kept the best part until the end: the underwater sea trip! Yes, under the water. You actually have the chance to slide on the seabed dancing with fish surrounded by warm waters and aquamarine.

Celebrate Your new Year Holiday with  Andaman Family Tour Packages

5. New Year's Day at Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh
New Year's Day at Dudhwa National Park, Uttar Pradesh

It is one of the oldest national parks in India and, with age, come experience, wisdom and beauty. Dudhwa National Park is an opportunity to see the New Year surrounded by the sound of silence in the heart of nature. Animal lovers can feast on the Bengal Tiger, elegant and majestic, but unfortunately endangered, among other creatures, such as the 300 species of birds that inhabit this park.

What to expect? Tigers, elephants, rhinos and deer to name a few.

What to wear? It's a safari, so comfort is vital, but khaki is also essential for camouflage.

What else? This park is becoming very popular on the eve of the New Year, so book it now!

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