6 unique things to do on your first trip to Dubai

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Dubai is one of those cities that far exceeds the eye. Beyond the shiny exteriors, you'll find a host of award-winning restaurants, cultural centers and incredible souks just steps from Dubai's melting pot.

For a very long time, I had always considered Dubai as a simple city, a sumptuous city and a shiny urban landscape lacking culture. If you've ever been to Dubai, you may know what I mean.

Everything seems so incredibly new and brilliant, which is not a bad thing, but for some reason, I imagined it would mean missing the puzzle that makes up other cities, for example; Tokyo, London or New York. As I was wrong, you just scratch the surface to discover a treasure of culture, art and food that makes you dream.

Take a look at some of the best things to do on your next trip to Dubai - and with all our messages, if you need advice, just send us a message, we will always be happy to help you .

1. See the historic fishing village of Al Bastakiya
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Before Dubai, well ... Dubai, the area was dotted with small fishing villages dotting the shoreline. I am all for the brilliance of Dubai, but I also like seeing the oldest parts of the city.

Take a moment to visit the Bastakiya district, which has stood the test of time (even though this mega-metropolis of a city has developed around it).

Visit some of the historic buildings, visit the smaller souks and discover the beautiful architecture that is "Old Dubai", a place I loved to visit during my last visit to the city.

If you really want to escape the midday heat, head over to the Dubai Museum to learn more about this region.
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2. Spend a night in the desert
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If you're like me, you'll want to leave the city after a few days of urban life. One of the things that strikes me in Dubai is that it's pretty unique. Once you leave the fringe of skyscrapers of the city, you realize pretty quickly that you are in the beautiful desert landscapes of the United Arab Emirates.

There are many ways to spend a night in the desert, some focusing on sumptuous Bedouin-style tents, others on the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Whatever you choose, it's one of my favorite ways to see the sunset!

3. Watch the sunrise over the city
Watch the sunrise over the city

One of the best ways to see the sunrise is undoubtedly the ancestral art of the hot air balloon hobby. To be honest, I was a little nervous about the hot air balloon because of the height but it's one of the best experiences I've ever had, especially at sunrise. It's worth getting up early for.

4. Treat yourself to a brunch
Treat yourself to a brunch

Speaking of brunch, Dubai is building a reputation for award-winning dishes, dishes and restaurants. I recently started an epic love story with brunch, especially since it allows me to stay a little longer in bed ... and you are not judged for eating breakfast cake! Ha!

Go to Bubbalicious for a hearty brunch that will satisfy the most hungry abs! One of the highlights of the Bubbalicious brunch is that it combines a typical brunch style (with some bubbles, of course) to Middle Eastern regional dishes. It's the perfect way to fill up on delicious treats.

5. Explore the souks for spices and gold
Explore the souks for spices and gold

Once a thriving melting pot of local commerce, Dubai's souks are still a great place to explore. Popular among visitors, they are a bit busy, but that should not stop you from visiting (just take the crowds and enjoy).

On the other hand, if you want to avoid most visitors, arrive early in the morning, when the souks traditionally flourished (because they prevented the locals from enjoying the heat of midday). As you have probably guessed, I'm not in the morning, but I really have the ambition to leave as soon as possible.

Grab some spices from the area, browse the gold souks and try to barter with local owners, which is a skill in itself!

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6. Try your luck at falconry
Try your luck at falconry

A historical practice that is now open to us, travelers who visit Dubai, the handling of the hawk is the art of "wielding" the hawk that is so popular in Dubai (yes, I know I used the same words for describe it but see what I mean when you visit).

Book an excursion yourself, discover how these magnificent birds live and try to guide a hawk through the desert landscape. Falconry, by the way, is an important part of history here and is even classified as an element of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO intended to protect and raise awareness about falconry.

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