Top 9 Things to do in the desert of Dubai

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Driving in the dunes, desert safaris and more in Dubai

There is a reason why they call Dubai the desert city. Make the most of our sandy and sandy landscape with a variety of fun activities, whether you want to get the adrenaline on a quad or relax on a luxury getaway.

1. Embark on a desert safari
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Climb the dunes


There are so many experiences that are as "Dubai" as the desert safari. Take a back seat (unless you prefer to sit in front of your four-wheel drive) and hold on while an experienced driver whips you across the sand dunes, teetering on the edge of seemingly enormous waterfalls, before plunging back into the hillsides of sand. There are some stops to take pictures of the sunset before leaving for a traditional style Bedouin camp, where an Arabic buffet awaits you.

2. Climb for the quad
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An off-road adventure


Direct your taxi driver to the most famous sand dune in Dubai, Big Red, where you can ride a bicycle and navigate yourself through the sandy landscape. Available for half hour rental, quads are fast and a helmet should be worn while driving. Follow the natural path of the dunes, step on the sand in front of your fellow citizens as you drive and bounce on Dubai's most emblematic sand. Big Red, or Al Hamar, as it is known locally, is easy to spot along the Dubai-Hatta Expressway (E44).

3. Sandboard
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Sand slips

Take the dunes

This is one of the true lovers of adrenaline. Put this snowboard equipment on your feet and slide down the dunes as you would on the Ski Dubai slopes. Although it is possible to rent a sandbox in Big Red, several companies, such as Dream Explorer Dubai, offer the full experience. The five-hour safari and sandboarding package in the morning begins with a desert safari in Hummer and ends with a sandboard session in which you will learn all the tips to get out of the dune.

4. A real experience in the desert.
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Hit the arena with style.


The group of luxury tour operators based in Dubai Platinum Heritage offers a series of desert safaris in the Landrovers 1 series through the Desert Conservation Reserve of Dubai, where you can observe the native flora and fauna and the Oryx Saudi. On board this vintage vehicle, guests will experience an authentic experience in the desert of the 50s. Choose the animal safari in the morning and end with a traditional emirati breakfast and stories of a local bedouin, or opt for the safari by the night, where you will stop to admire the sunsets and crown it with a delicious meal in a real retreat in the desert. For a truly exclusive treatment, head to the private astronomy circuit, which will illustrate about Arab astronomy and bring it closer to the nocturnal creatures of the desert (with the help of a professional guide, of course).

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5. Spend the night in the desert.
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An oasis of comfort.


If camping is not your passion, the Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve raises the level of glamping with luxurious tent-style villas, each with its own private infinity pool. .

It is a place of relaxation rather than risk, with many activities to relax, the highest point are the camel rides at sunset over the dunes, where you can have a drink while admiring the breathtaking view. Request a villa overlooking one of the natural oases, where you can see Gazelles and Arabian Oryx having a drink.

6. Camel Safari - Stroll through the desert
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Camel Safari is usually a morning safari in the desert in Dubai, which takes you on a memorable 45-minute journey. Travel the convoy of camels and explore the desert fauna. The Falcon demonstration is another camel desert safari attraction, where travelers wander around to be photographed with the beautiful bird.

7. Sunset - Capture the best of the sun
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A sunset in the desert in Dubai is so charming if not compared to the rising sun. The orange is dissipated by the sun because one of these dunes is really a sight to behold. Drive a Range Rover to one of the dunes and enjoy the moments in the background. This is the perfect time for candid photos!

8. Hot Air Balloon - Momentary Stroll in the Arabian Desert
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The hot air balloon safari offers you a perfect 360 degree view of the vast Arabian desert. The hot air balloon for up to 24 people at a time causes adrenaline rush as it climbs through the air and offers spectacular views. Desert wildlife, which includes mainly animals such as gazelles and camels, can be seen in the surrounding area.

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9. Night safari - late night dune bashing and stargazing
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Dune bashing, desert safari and stargazing are the highlights is one of the best desert safari in Dubai. The nights are usually windy and cold, the exact moment when you can enter the Range Rover and take a romantic stroll with your partner.

Ride to the dunes and watch the best of the Arabian desert in the middle of the night. Camping and breakfast are the most popular combinations on an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

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