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It was not long after the wheels reached the tarmac that Hong Kong's dynamic energy became palpable. The city welcomes newcomers with fast subways and skyscrapers that seem to emerge to the minute. To find your bearings, it's important to understand the geography: Hong Kong is divided into two main areas: Hong Kong Island to the south and Kowloon Peninsula to the north, with Victoria Harbor in the center. On both sides, a fascinating collection of skyscrapers attracts photographers and architecture enthusiasts from around the world. Although compact, the city of 7.3 million people offers a huge variety of experiences. With a little luck, you'll enjoy tea and dim sum every day, drink cold beers in a colonial building, go to The Peak, and enjoy a pleasant break in a fishing village on Peng Chau Island. You will need a lifetime to do everything, but this list of 20 must-see experiences in Hong Kong should provide a comprehensive introduction to this fascinating city to infinity.

10 things to do in Hong Kong

1. Hike to Victoria Peak
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The Victoria Peak, emblematic of Hong Kong, is the image par excellence of Hong Kong on the postcard. In good weather, you will find excellent views of Kowloon and its islands. Opened in 1888, the Peak Tram is the most popular way to reach the top of a mountain, but it's not because it's popular that you have to do it. Crowds and persistent queues tend to spoil the experience. For a more scenic climb, follow the Morning Trail along Hatton Road, which will take you to the top of the mountain in about 45 minutes. Once there, follow the Circle Walk to enjoy panoramic views of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the South China Sea in the distance. Then take the tram to go down the hill, a much more pleasant walk.

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2. Floating on an unwanted traditional boat
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There are few horizons in the world comparable to those in Hong Kong. For a breathtaking view of the imposing towers illuminated during the Symphony of Lights night show, book a tour of the harbor on a traditional junk. These iconic boats - with their curved sails and graceful teakwood hulls - were once ubiquitous in China and were used primarily for fishing, trading and ocean exploration. Today, there is only a handful left, but travelers can experience a little history aboard the Aqua Luna or Aqua Luna II. Artisanal ships provide 45-minute loops throughout the day around the harbor. Better yet, there is a bar on board with the first free alcoholic drink.

3. Devour Dim Sim
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You really have not "finished" in Hong Kong until you've got dim sum. Every weekend, families and friends gather around a table for tea, dim sum and conversation. In the middle, a Lazy Susan is filled with bamboo steamers filled with ravioli, tofu, chicken legs and rolls of rice and rice noodles. The last bite is always offered to the elder at the table. The best places to indulge? Maxim's Palace is renowned for its royal decor and traditional basket-style service, but get ready to queue. Try something a little more sober, try the Tim Ho Wan's addictive barbecue pork buns, or sit in a wall-hung restaurant such as Chau Kee in Sai Ying Pun District. There are also many upscale dim sum restaurants, including the Mott 32, the Man Wah at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong and the famous Heen Lung King at the Four Seasons.

4. Explore the Sai Kung Peninsula
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Hong Kong, with its 7.3 million inhabitants, is a small city with Asian standards. But these millions are highly concentrated in the dense urban area and about 40% of Hong Kong remains undeveloped. In half an hour, in almost every direction, travelers can find themselves riding the mountain, lazing on the beach or exploring a rustic peripheral island. Sai Kung is one of the most popular corners of Hong Kong. Nicknamed the "Green Lung" of Hong Kong, this pristine peninsula is home to a picturesque fishing village, miles of hiking trails, postcard-worthy beaches and even cool lava formations in the UNESCO Global Geopark. in Hong Kong.

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5. Enjoy an elegant afternoon tea.
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Hong Kong was a British colony for 1568 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the tradition of afternoon tea is firmly anchored. The most sumptuous beaches are found in colonial-era hotels, such as The Peninsula Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui and the Clipper Lounge in Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong in the center. These addresses remain true to classic British traditions, with finger sandwiches, pastries and excellent silver tea services. In addition to old-world favorites, some contemporary figures have also appeared, including Nobu's creative menu at InterContinental Hong Kong and an experience with gin infusions at Dr. Fern's Gin Parlor, a place in the basement of the mall Landmark

6. Visit to the ancient Chinese temples.
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Many people assume that the history of Hong Kong began when the British founded the territory in 1842. But the area is inhabited since the Stone Age and later became part of the Han Dynasty of the year 25 of our era. During the 12th and 15th centuries, many temples were built to honor the gods. One of the most famous is the Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay, east of the Kowloon Peninsula, built in 1266 to honor the sea goddess. The Man Mo Temple, located in Sheung Wan, is more accessible and more accessible. Built in 1847, this green-roofed temple honors the gods of literature and war and, as expected, many students pray here before exams. Right on the hill, in Tai Ping Shan, some smaller temples, punched into the wall, pump incense and ceremonies all day long without tourists. Throughout the urban area, tiny sanctuaries and temples appear everywhere, remembering that Hong Kong is a place of spirituality, despite the vibrations of big cities.

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7. Drink local craft beer.
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Let's go back to 2012 and the only beers present in Hong Kong were Carlsberg, Tsingtao and Peroni. Today? More than a dozen craft breweries operate throughout the city, ranging from the bright Cha Cha Teng Gose of the young Ales teacher, a slightly acid and slightly salty beer, to the Porter of Moonzen Brewter by Yama Sichuan. But if you want to try a larger sample, go to bars like 65 Peel, dedicated to local beers; Second project, directed by the young teacher; o Craft Brew and Co., with several locations in the city. Several breweries offer tours and visits to the curious, including Young Master, Moonzen, The Yardley Brothers and Kowloon Bay Brewery.

8. Hang out on the beach
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Walking through the dense streets of the city, it is easy to forget that Hong Kong is surrounded by water. Dozens of beaches line the south of the island, where charming villages such as Shek O and Stanley transport travelers to a more relaxed lifestyle. The outer islands offer their own sandy and sandy beaches, such as the Pui O beach on Lantau Island, as well as the Sai Kung district in the northeast of the country. In this protected natural park, the most beautiful places in the city, along the Tai Long Way Bay, through the MacLehose Trail, are only accessible by boat or on foot. If you visit the beautiful beaches around Tai Long Wan, be sure to pack some water and snacks, as there is not much to do except for the camps and some wild cows.

9. Drink milk tea during a dinner at Cha Chaan Teng
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The city can be full of elegant and modern restaurants, but the search for an authentic experience will probably lead you to a sensible dinner, cha chaan teng. These small coffees emerged during the period of rapid globalization that followed the Second World War. The manufacturing industry began to take off in Hong Kong and the workers needed a fast and affordable place to have lunch. Today, hordes of historical music such as Mido Cafe in Yau Ma Tei and Hoi An in Sheung Wan offer a glimpse into the past. The menus are filled with local favorites, such as milk teas (usually bitter black tea, mixed with condensed milk), toasted scrambled eggs and pineapple rolls (a tasty pasta with a baked sugar crown).

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10. Get a foot massage
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Massages are an integral part of traditional Chinese wellness philosophies, so you'll find a massage parlor on every corner. Prices vary dramatically, from $ 15 at a hole in the wall to $ 150 at a luxury hotel spa. Most Chinese massages on the feet are based on the tradition of acupressure, where therapists press the pressure points that are believed to correspond to their organs and restore balance in the body. Popular places like Happy Foot and Halite offer simple experiences. For an enhanced experience, try Ten Feet Tall in Central or splurge on a Shanghai technical pedicure at the Mandarin Barber, which will make you feel like you're walking in the air.

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