8 romantic things to do in Sri Lanka for married honeymoon couples in 2019

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The magical land of Sri Lanka, also known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in the world. This small island nation has managed to create spectacular scenery, spectacular waterfalls and quiet beaches for nature-loving couples. Couples will find many romantic things to do in Sri Lanka for a honeymoon experience par excellence.

8 fun things to do in Sri Lanka

This small list of romantic things to do in Sri Lanka allows you to decide and add your favorite experiences to your list of choices, so you do not have to worry about anything when you get there.

1. Turtle Beach - Go down and explore the beach
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The turtle beach in Sri Lanka has something extremely romantic and dreamy. It may be the gentle touch of the sea breeze blowing gently caressing your body or the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore. To be honest, you do not need a reason to take a romantic stroll on this beautiful beach. Do not be afraid to take off your shoes, let the waves kiss you barefoot, play in the water and let you fall in love again.

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2. Candlelit dinner - savor every bite at the beach
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A candlelight dinner on one of Sri Lanka's beautiful beaches with a setting sun is one of the many romantic things to do in Sri Lanka. A dinner on a secluded beach during a windy evening will allow you to create many romantic memories of your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. It's hard not to fall into the arms of your lover when you're in such a beautiful place.

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3. Sailing - Give in to the winding waves of the Indian Ocean
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One of the most romantic and unmissable activities of Sri Lanka is to sail on the east or south coast of the country for a luxury catamaran cruise. Sri Lanka offers the best weather for sailing: a cool breeze, sunny weather and beautiful scenery.
Small towns like Mirissa on the south coast and Beruwela on the west coast are fabulous from October to May. From June to September, sail in the coastal towns of Pasikudah and Trincomalee to enjoy the most beautiful natural harbors in the world and some of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka

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4. Hot Air Balloon - Float in the air with your partner
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Ballooning is one of the most exciting things to do in Sri Lanka for couples and is becoming immensely popular. Imagine floating above Sri Lanka's verdant land with patches of golden sand and turquoise water below. Nothing can beat the exciting and interesting experience of a hot air balloon. Couples who want to do something unique propose and celebrate their wedding in hot air ballooning.

5. Madu River - Take a boat ride
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Everyone knows how romantic a boat trip can be. Your boat trip on the Madu River would be a totally different and exciting experience for both of you. Mirissa and Trincomalee are considered the best Amazing places to enjoy a boat safari. If you head to the south coast in Mirissa, you will have a very good chance of finding whales. You can also visit the island of Koth Duwa, which houses a beautiful standing statue of Buddha. So immerse yourself in pristine beauty and enjoy the flora and fauna as well as the charm of the Madu River.

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6. Helicopter Tour - Absorb the overview of different landscapes
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It's your chance to explore this beautiful island country with ultimate comfort in your private helicopter with your love at your side. Enjoy stunning bird's-eye views of the country's incredible landscapes, heritage sites, exotic animals and otherwise hard-to-reach places. While flying over Sri Lanka, you will have a precise idea of ​​the beauty and the diversity of the landscapes.

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7. Pigeon Island - Diving with your partner
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Exploring incredible coral reefs, tropical fish varieties and fascinating shipwrecks is one of the most interesting things Sri Lankan couples do. Pigeon Island, north of Trincomalee, is a paradise of turquoise waters and a rich coral life. Kirinda and Weligama are also some of the most spectacular snorkelling and diving sites in the country.

8. Galle - Explore the Colonial City
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Years ago, when Sri Lanka was ruled by Sinhala kings, Galle was nicknamed the "Old World Romantic City", which owes its fame to its beautiful harbor. As you stroll through the city, you will be able to feel and see the charm of the Portuguese, British and Dutch colonial periods. On the south coast of the country, this beautiful seaside town of Galle is one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

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