10 Must-Sees During Your Travels in the North-East in 2019

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Tourism in Northeast India boasts beauty spots where nature flourishes in all its glory. Located in the middle of the many hills, the picturesque valleys and the beautiful places to visit in the north-east of India paint a picture that must be seen to believe it.
The picturesque views make you want to share them with someone special, and it is better to appreciate it this way. Clouds floating by your side and the sun rising in the middle of the valley, the Northeast offers something special to live. From the beauty of Northeast India's tourist attractions to fun activities, there are many experiences that you simply can not afford to miss.

Best time to visit Northeast India

If you must know, the northeast of India is beautiful all year round. However, the best season to visit the Northeast depends on the experience you are looking for. If you are looking for a break from the heat, go during the summers and if you want to be the privileged witness of nature, you can do it during the monsoon. Although in general, November to May are the best months to visit North East India, the climate is rather pleasant during this period.

10 fascinating places to visit in north-east India
Now we present you with 10 of the best experiences you should have at least once, and you will probably want more after that. Make sure you do not miss them!

1. Kaziranga National Park
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Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the National Park is home to horned rhinos that attract tourists from around the world. Spotting a single-horned rhinoceros in your park is an experience you can relate to your grandchildren. It will be different from any tradition ever told. While traveling in this picturesque country, do not forget to spot the different species present for a unique wildlife experience!

Famous for: The rhinoceros with a horn.
Number of species: 35 species of mammals and hundreds of species of migratory birds that fly each season.
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2. Tawang Monastery
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Located at 10,000 feet above sea level in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang Monastery offers breathtaking views of the valley. Home to 450 monks, this is the Best place to visit for a surreal experience. You can also sit back and admire the captivating view of the Tawand River in the evening.

Perfect time to visit: It is best to visit this valley from May to October.
How to arrive: You can reach Tawang by train, bus, helicopter, flight and road. But if you want to enjoy magnificent views during your trip, it is best to take a flight to Tezpur, then take a bus to Tawang. You can find out more on the official Tawang website.
Famous for: It is famous for its heavenly beauty at night and you should plan to visit it on the night of the full moon. It has about 850 sculptures to admire.

3. Ziro Valley
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The Ziro Valley is one of the best places to visit in the Northeast, as it offers memorable views that will remain forever in your memory. However, the valley is best known for its three-day rock concert, which takes place every year towards the end of September. Being part of the event will give you an experience of your life. This is certainly at the top of the list of the best sights in the Northeast!
Perfect time to visit: during the best music festival in September.
How to arrive: You can reach the valley by plane, train and even by road. While the nearest airport to Ziro is Jorhat, Assam, 98 km from the valley, the train station is Naharalagun, 100 km.

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4. Nathu La Pass
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The name of the pass is translated as "listening ears". The trek on the Nathu La pass is one of the highlights of tourism in the Northeast, as it provides an invigorating feeling to all travelers who live it. During the trekking, you will admire views which will remain engraved in your memory for the rest of your days and you will be able to see beautiful lakes on the way.

Best time to visit: You must plan your visit during the summers, when temperatures are bearable 15 degrees. In winter, it falls to -25 degrees.
Important consideration: do not rush into anything. The cold temperature and the low level of oxygen create a hostile environment. Move gradually and take baby steps if necessary.

5. Siang River for rafting
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Tributary of the Brahmaputra, he also inherited his ferocity. It serves as home to the Adi tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. Rafting in the Siang River is a major attraction. It is certainly an adventure that you should undertake with your friends. The thrill of the third and fourth year rivers is worth it.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit is late October and early November, when the tides are not too violent.

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6. Gorichen Peak
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Gorichen Peak, located at 6,500 meters above sea level, is one of the main sites to visit in north-east India in February. It is still considered one of the easiest summits to climb for a thrilling experience. The beauty of the scenes and the ecstasy you feel when you climb this huge mountain are worth imagining until you climb them.
Best time to climb: Summers is the best time to start this trek.
Where to Stay: It is the closest to Tawang, and the guest houses are pretty decent. During the trekking at the summit, you will have to set up the camp.
Activities: You can undertake various activities such as camping, hiking and even climbing. Trekking at the top is best done by experienced alpinists.

7. Nuranang Falls
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Also known as Bong Bong Falls, they are 100 meters high. The serenity of this place is best appreciated with someone by your side. So, if you are planning a romantic trip to the Northeast, be sure to add this place to your itinerary. The falls are known to give a sense of serendipity to any couple who goes there. So do not miss the most charming places to visit in north-east India for a honeymoon!
Activities you can do here: Head to the falls to enjoy the best. Discover the lake and the connecting bridge when you are there.

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8. Cherrapunji
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Meghalaya is the wettest place in the world. While Cherrapunji is famous for its living root bridges, formed because of the incessant rain, it is also popular for being one of the best destinations for holidays in Northeast India. You can also set up camp under these bridges and live close to nature like never before! What would you like to call the best city in Northeast India?

Famous for: Maximum rainfall in the world.
Activities: You can enjoy tropical flora and fauna by camping or climbing the root bridges.

9. Jaintia Hills
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Located in the heart of Meghalaya, the hills of Jaintia are filled with limestone deposits. The hills have a number of caves for the explorer in you to appreciate and soothe your mind. Caving in these caves can lead you to a number of shallow caves and long caves, making it an adventurous attraction in the area. However, it is best to have company during this adventure to live a memorable experience.
Best time to visit: The best time to visit these hills is in summer, between March and June.
Activities: Speleology and exploration of long caves.

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10. Madhuri Lake
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Named in honor of the famous Indian actress Madhuri Dixit, the lake is one of the best places to see in the Northeast. However, it was formerly known as Shungaster Lake. A small army cafeteria near the lake serves delicious momos, which you can enjoy in peace. And believe us, with the soothing view of the lake offering a respite, the momos will taste a bit better.
Best time to visit: The best months to visit the lake are from May to October.
Activities: Try the momos at the famous army cafeteria and admire the fascinating view of the lake.

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