9 Best Things to Do in Pachmarhi

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The geographical diversity of Pachmarhi is so amazing that there is only the embarrassment of choice to do all the things to do in Pachmarhi. Nicknamed "Satpura ki Rani", Pachmarhi is a small
picturesque mountain resort nestled in the green folds of Madhya Pradesh, the heart of central India.

Nestled at an altitude of 1,100 meters, its landscape is made up of mosaics of dense forests, streams, wildlife sanctuaries, ancient temples and caves. It is also home to the highest peak in the entire Satpura range, the Dhoopgarh. One of the most famous tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh, Pachmarhi is the favorite spot for adventure seekers and nature lovers.
The practically unpolluted beauty remains safe from the crowd and is revealed to those who take the trouble to look for it. Home to some of India's most breathtaking and breathtaking waterfalls, Pachmarhi is a sweet whisper of serenity filled with thrills that draws nature lovers from all over the world. It's also a treasure for history and religion buffs who like to explore.
A good game from the colonial era and untouched nature amplify the attraction of the place. You can also find various rock paintings and inscriptions dating back to the ages of mythological glory, echoing the beautiful stories of which they speak. The most striking, almost palpable presence is that of Lord Shiva in the Jatashankar Caves, where an imposing Shiva Lingam is housed.
Pachmarhi presents an incomparable brilliance and a contrasting old anchor that takes you deep into the waves of history. With such an assortment of wonderful attractions in Pachmarhi, it's easy to get lost.

Best 9 Things to do in Pachmarhi

1. Horseback riding at Handi Khoh
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Handi Khoh, the deepest canyon of Madhya Pradesh, is in the rich forest kingdom of Pachmarhi. Backed by 300 feet, the cliff offers stunning views of the sprawling greenery. The green beauty of the Handi Khoh is an ideal setting for stimulating activities such as hiking, cycling and horse riding.
Horse riding can be enjoyed by adults and children. The thrill of riding on a staggering 100-meter (300-foot) height magnifies the experience by two. Wrapping through beautiful hiking trails, the walk passes several fascinating waterfalls that look like silver trails.
Horse riding at Handi Khoh is one of the most essential things to do in Pachmarhi!
Location: Pachmarhi Cantt, Madhya Pradesh.
Opening hours: 07:00 to 17:00

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2. Mountainbiking in Handi Khoh
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Handi Khoh is the deepest ravine of Madhya Pradesh and offers a remarkable view of the beautiful Satpura Range. Escape to the enchanting wilderness of nature while indulging in an exciting mountain bike ride through Handi Khoh's forested clothing.
Zoom in on the streams, sharp edges and slopes. Although great care is taken against accidents and injuries, children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by a guardian or an adult.

Location: Pachmarhi Cantt, Madhya Pradesh.
Opening hours: 07:00 to 17:00

3. Visit the beautiful caves of Pandav
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One of the most fascinating attractions of Pachmarhi, the Pandav Caves are steeped in mythology. They would have been inhabited by the famous Pandava brothers of the epic Mahabharata, accompanied by their wife Draupadi during part of the exile.
They are a group of 5 sandstone caves, engraved with several fine sculptures. Each cave has a mythological significance and bears the name of the Pandava brothers. Although the sands of time have marked the caves, their striking beauty remains intact. Although very popular, the caves remain isolated and isolated.
Dating from the time of the great epic, the ancient caves are enough to delight visitors. A visit to the Pandava Caves, either early in the morning or just before sunset, is one of the most exciting things to do in Pachmarhi.

Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.
Price: Admission is free.
Opening hours: 08:00 to 18:00

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4. Parasailing at Satpura Adventure Club
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Offering unbeatable offers in adventure sports, Satpura Adventure Club is a place that will make your heart beat! Offering countless land, water and air activities, there is not a moment of boredom here. Parasailing on the stretching and intertwined beauty of Pachmarhi's canvas is unlike anything else.
Especially when the beautiful sky before dusk greets you with a colorful embrace at sunset. The club not only has expertise in the field of adventure sports and packages, but also gives priority to visitor safety.
The feeling of being in flight is so overwhelming that even once you have landed, the adrenaline that has been invading persists for much longer. Bring your fantasies of childhood superheroes to life by indulging in one of the most unbeatable things to do in Pachmarhi.

Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.

5. Ziplining at Satpura Adventure Club
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One of the pioneers of sports and adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh, the Satpura Adventure Club captures the spirit of thrills and wilderness while ensuring the safety of visitors. The zipped liner is to slide from one end to the other, to be suspended in the air and attached to a pulley and a cable.
Add to that the quick caresses of the breeze, the backdrop of the interminable Satpura Ranges and the green canvas that unfolds just below! As you speed up in the air, an indomitable sensation arises and the inner child that slumbers in you comes back to life screaming. In addition to this, the club offers a wide variety of exhilarating sports such as paragliding, zip lining, bungee jumping and rock climbing. Get ready for an unparalleled mix of the most exhilarating things to do in Pachmarhi with Satpura Adventure Club.

6. Visit the Pachmarhi Catholic Church
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The kingdom of Pachmarhi is bursting with the incomparable beauty of natural bonuses. In addition to the much appreciated splendor of nature, a handful of beautiful old buildings from past centuries are sheltered there.
The great Catholic Church of Pachmarhi is a proof of its structural diversity! Established in 1892, the church is a striking representation of the French and Irish inspired architectural style exclusive to the colonial era.
Also housing an old cemetery, it bears graves dating from the time of the World War. It was so well built and with such architectural brilliance that it was not necessary to renovate it until now.
Shaded by the beauty of the forests, the church retains much of the charm of the old world and takes visitors back in time. It is not only a building of great historical and cultural importance, but also an unbeatable work of art.
Location: Hoshangabad District, Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.
Price: Admission is free.

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7. Go for the cascade trekking
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Draped in a blanket of fresh greenery, Pachmarhi is endowed with many thrilling waterfalls, whose magnificent roar can be heard from afar! Most of this fall requires a short hike but hard to reach, but the rewarding view associated with the roaring lullaby of falls is worth every effort.
The waterfall hike is an unusual and exciting activity, an experience far beyond the hike. A few kilometers above Apsara Vihar, Rajat Prapat is accessible via a short and steep hike. Perched at the top of 50 m, the only water trail looks like molten silver veiled with wooded greenery. It is the 30th highest waterfall in India.
Another unbeatable show is Bee Falls. Pachmarhi's most famous waterfall, Bee Falls, falls 35 meters high and accumulates in a gorge that is ideal for swimming.
Duchess Falls is divided into 3 streams and is another popular hiking destination. Located near the caves of Pandav, the waterfall of Apsara is one of the few waterfalls of Pachmarhi to have a natural swimming pool. Although it requires a difficult climb

Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.
Timings: Open 24 hours.

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8. Hiking in Dhoopgarh
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The highest point of Satpura, Dhoopgarh, is about 4,430 feet. It is the highest peak of the Satpura chain. Popular with tourists and locals such as "Sunset Point", the view from the summit is uninterrupted and extends beyond the vast expanses of greenery of the Satpura range.
Home to ancient caves dating from the Mahabharata era, trails wind through dense forests and tumultuous waterfalls. The attractive beauty of Pachmarhi can be seen in all its splendor and completeness.
Hiking to Dhoopgarh is one of Pachmarhi's most exciting activities and requires approximately 6 to 7 hours of easy to moderate climbing. Although the trek is a little difficult, the breathtaking panoramas, surmounted by a beautiful fiery sunset more than compensate.
You can also camp overnight in Dhoopgarh if you wish, provided you are accompanied by a guide or have an adequate knowledge of the basics of camping.

9. Cycling in Pachmarhi
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The overwhelming natural beauty and the aura of tranquility are best expressed on foot, but the thrill of a bike ride eclipses everything. This is one of the most offbeat and unexplored things to do in Pachmarhi.
Starting from the centuries-old wonder of Jatashankar Caves, dedicated to Lord Shiva, pass the unforgettable Bee Falls, hitting the rocky gorge of more than 35 meters. Your next stop will be in Dhoopgarh, where a magnificent panoramic view awaits you.
It's a good idea to have lunch here. Stop at the striking beauty of Lovers' Point, which remains veiled from the crowd, providing peace and solitude, especially just before the sky gets ready for a phenomenal sunset.
Follow the tranquil Boat Lake and end your journey a little tiring but twice as rewarding at the Pachmarhi Catholic Church. Get ready to knock out your friends and family with your exotic stories, as few people have yet ventured into the green garment of Pachmarhi on a cycle.

Course: Jatashankar Caves - Ramassades - Dhoopgarh - Lovers Point - Boat Lake - Pachmarhi Catholic Church.

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